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coaching - leadership

Self-leadership aligned with your values. Whether for improving your confidence, self-knowledge, communication, prioritization or mental strengthening, discover our individual sessions and tailor-made group workshops, in private – as well as and in the public service.

  • You have a leadership position and/or you are looking to strengthen your self-leadership?
  • You feel in need to reflect about your role or how you operate within the framework of your professional activity?
  • You looking for a change of role or of career?

jazz offers individual coaching, mental fitness and group workshops to mobilize your inner strengths and to stimulate long lasting professional performance!

Individual coaching


This coaching allows you:

▪ to clarify your purpose, your values and your priorities. If necessary, adjust your choices to act in an aligned manner

▪ to identify possible obstacles and to elaborate strategies to overcome them

▪ to boost your empowerment skills – your capacity to influence your situation

▪ develop strategies consistent with your purpose

▪ cultivate resilience to face unforeseen events and stress in a sustainable manner

The sessions are held in my cabinet or on-site and/or online.

Expected Benefits

In the end, you are clear about who you are, why you are in your situation and how to influence it.

Mental fitness

Are you looking to set your anchor—to find a point of stability, and  to invest a few minutes a day to muscle your brain?

The personalized mental fitness program is for you!

Setting your anchor is about finding your focus and bring direction and meaning to your journey. A sturdy anchor help you stay grounded while discovering all opportunities around you. Nurturing your focus empowers you to stay on course, and maximize your potential.

Mental fitness is essential for cultivating a healthy and resilient mind, which can help you live a more fulfilling and balanced life while navigating between your obligations and enjoyable activities.

With a holistic approach that combines techniques such as neurofeedback, visualization, mindfulness, breathing, relaxation, and reflection on your choices and habits, we customize the program based on your needs, ambitions and goals.

These sessions foster a sense of competence, strength, and alignment with your values, all while having chosen beforehand the path, purpose, and destination you wish to reach.

Here are the key ingredients and benefits:

  1. Enhanced performance: Clarifying your direction and ultimate goal allows you to target your training. We tailor your program to your ambitions while maintaining a good balance in your schedule and consistency. The initial and final assessment clarifies progress.

  2. Mental clarity:
    The exercises aim to improve mental clarity, helping you make informed decisions and confidently manage your activities. With neurofeedback, you train concentration. Tangible results and progress curves help visualize your progress.

  3. Resilience to stress: Through the holistic program, you strengthen your ability to cope with stress and adversity. Mindfulness, visualization, breathing, and relaxation exercises integrated into your daily life facilitate practice, helping you stay calm and maintain the desired energy level.

  4. Improved emotional health:
    With targeted practices, you learn to regulate emotions, reducing anxiety.

  5. Increased creativity: Reduced anxieties and blockages foster creativity and innovation, allowing you to think more originally and find creative solutions to problems.

  6. Better interpersonal relationships:
    By developing ways to react calmly to different situations, you strengthen your relationships with others and promote more effective communication.

  7. Increased self-confidence and self-awareness:
    This program gives you the opportunity to discover your resources to grow or change direction. By developing a positive self-perspective and a growth mindset, you enhance your self-confidence.

I invite you to contact us for a commitment-free conversation!

Stress management workshop

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I accompany you in the search for suitable methods that are easy to implement in your daily life.

Expected Benefits

The stressmangement workshop allows you to learn and practice strategies to develop resilience, manage stress and unexpected events.

This workshop is fun and full of practical, evidence-based exercises:

  • You will identify your own stress triggers
  • You will be aware of the factors in your environment that impact your energy, your balance and your performance
  • You will learn concrete mental resilience strategies that are effective and easy to integrate in your everyday life
  • You will think about sustainable optimization avenues for your own situation.

Mental – as well as physical wellness allows you to make decisions aligned with your values and your needs. The “jazz” approach promotes above all personal care: leading yourself before being able to lead others. This is also suitable for any professional project. Self-leadership!