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My journey

Charlotta Stenvall

In 2010, on the occasion of our 40th anniversary, my husband and I analyzed our quality of life in Sweden. What did we still want to achieve? What were our priorities? What did we need to do to achieve our goals?

Our reflections made us understand that, in order to reach full satisfaction, we had to leave.

The search for the right place on Earth began with some specific criteria. It was in Lausanne that we found the surroundings that we were looking for. So we landed with our bags and our 2 children.

When I was younger, I had already lived abroad, first in France, then in the USA where I worked as an occupational therapist. Integration into Switzerland was a unique change because I was the only one in our family who spoke French. I had to use constructive dialogue and creativity to transform stress into positive family harmony. Mindfulness, active listening and a non-judgement approach were my keys to maintaining energy, joy and a healthy balance in my family life.

My professional career is marked out by various projects:

  • the creation of a company of 35 people
  • the management of an occupational health program,
  • consulting, research and
  • outpatient occupational therapy in neurology and mental health…

just to name a few.

Charlotta Stenvall

As part of the home health care team in Lausanne, I furthered my experience in occupational therapy by working inside clients’ homes, in real life scenarios. My federal training as coach and supervisor also allows me to promote growth in peoples professional life and to add a meta-perception to my professional skills.

So many enriching personal and professional experiences which allowed me to create, in 2020, « jazz ergothérapie & coaching ».

My practice
I use a holistic approach based on scientific evidence, including occupational science, positive psychology, and elements of cognitive behavioral therapy.

Diplomas and continuing education
– Federal diploma, professional coaching (dissertation work on empowerment and the development of resilience)
– BSc in Medical Sciences, Occupational Therapy
– Leadership and organizational development

Other courses and certificates
– Positive Intelligence (strategies for mental fitness)
– Psychosocial risks and   burnout prevention
– Analysis of the activity and ergonomics at work
– Ergonomics of computer workstations 
– Training in Motivational Interviewing
– Project management
– COTID (duo-coaching occupational therapy)
– Contributions of cognitive and behavioral therapy (CBT)